Jens Nockert

Way Out West Hack Battle

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I went to the 'Way Out West Hack Battle' with Per Thulin from Youtify, and we got quite a few new nice features done for Youtify (see including scrobbling and recommendations.

I really wanted to finish a method to let the Echo Nest do analysis of Youtube videos, but I couldn't get it to work without doing it on the server. I'll probably have to add a flash demuxing plugin to Aurora.js and remux the audio as MPEG1/MPEG4 (depending on the audio codec) before submitting it to the Echo Nest.

The event itself was nice, and even though they claimed that they had planned it all two weeks or so before, almost all essentials were covered including food, non-crashing wifi, ethernet for everyone, and a relatively quiet room for sleeping. A few people were complaining about the lack of a constant source of coffee, but I think they managed to survive. Everyone submitting a hack also got a festival pass for Way out West, which was a nice touch and almost everyone seemed excited about being able to see Kraftwerk play tomorrow.

The only thing that was a bit sad, was that there were no real presentation of the winners, it was just an informal thing, which means I don't know who won. But if they get another chance next year, that would be an easy thing to improve.

If there is another Way Out West Hack Battle next year, and you have a chance to come to Sweden, take it, you won't regret it.