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Music Hack Day Amsterdam

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I think I might have one of the best jobs in the world, last weekend the Labs team went to Music Hack Day: Amsterdam, and I must say, I had a most wonderful time.

If you have a chance to ever visit a MHD, you really should, the investment is only time and the rewards can be immense, for me, that reward was meeting some really nice people

I met some old and new friends, Per and Kalle from Youtify were there hacking and did some great progress adding profile pages and allowing you to follow other people's playlists. If you haven't been using Youtify for your Youtube music needs, you should try it, it is really nice.

The guys from Zvooq, who in addition to being awesome people, seem to have great ideas on how to improve the situation for artists and music consumers. I hope I'll be able to test their Zvooq soon, but for now it seems to only be available in Russia and a few other countries.

And a lot of other people, I unfortunately didn't get the name of most of them, but they were really nice and one of the most interesting things about Music Hack Day is that people of significantly different skill sets interact with each other. I learned a bit about music theory, and I think I gave some nice hints about what I know.

The location, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, was a fantastic venue, I didn't see all of the exhibits, but they seem to be doing some serious hacking even when we're not around so if you have the opportunity, visit them and take the tour.

The organizers, Roeland P. Landegent and his team, deserve credit as well. It was a well organized event, and all our hacker needs were fulfilled.

The only bad thing about the whole thing, I got stuck digging a deep rabbit-hole for myself, so I won't release my work yet (I plan to convert it into an XPCOM component as soon as I get some time away from schoolwork.) But it is essentially an implementation of the 'Simple Audio' API that I wrote earlier, but now it is renamed Mio (澪) because 'Simple Audio' didn't give the right vibe, the API isn't designed to be simple, it is designed to be flexible and powerful.

The rest of the Labs team were working on a sort of voice controller for games, where through pitch and intensity you controlled your character. They were having some problems with the short-time Fourier transform, but otherwise I think they got most of it nailed down now, they managed to get a demo working at least.

A final open question, Spotify, when is there going to be a Music Hack Day Sweden?