Jens Nockert

Testing numerical accuracy of browsers

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According to the standard, only the arithmetic operations in Javascript need to be correctly rounded, the functions in Math does not have any accuracy requirements.

But out in the real world, browsers are a bit better than that, we have a feeling that the functions in Math are reasonably accurate, but if you need to be convinced (like me) then you should look at which fuzz tests most of the operations in Math that have a tendency to be inaccurate.

If you want to be even more convinced, generate more test cases using generate.rb.

Ps. sin, cos and tan are missing, their periodicity makes them hard to fuzz using this technique.


  1. I fuzzed on Windows as well, and Chrome on Windows does not provide sqrt with correct rounding, a bug has been filed. Firefox and Opera provide as much precision on Windows as on OS X.