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I have a New Year's resolution, and it is to generally be a lot more productive. To write more, for example this blog and do less schoolwork and more actual work. Actual work can of course include schoolwork, but only if it actually teaches me something things that I want to, or need to know.

Because this year, I won't do anything that is not related to

  1. Signal Processing, Media or Aurora.js
  2. Linguistics
  3. Numerical Analysis
  4. Learning language, preferably improving my Japanese
  5. Constructive social exercises and events

This leads to a significant amount of milestones that I hope to complete this year,

  1. Complete my Bachelors thesis in Mathematics, find a subject for a thesis in Linguistics
  2. Write a "book" about WebCL, Linear Algebra and Signal Processing on the web
  3. Hold a session at a conference about a programming related subject
  4. Learn to write with a pen (nicely)
  5. Get back into Numerical Analysis

So, I will probably post related snippets and updates here, and generally post things about social, linguistic or mathematical phenomenon that I find interesting at the time that I write it.

Then there is the short-term Aurora.js milestone list,

  1. Merge the Aurora and ALAC trees, implementing a GStreamer like pipeline system allowing for both encoding, decoding and real-time effects
  2. Sample-rate conversion, both low-latency and high-quality
  3. Implement a few of the basic formats, especially the ones that usually contain PCM data

  4. Finish the True Audio decoder

which will probably worked through quickly in the coming weeks and after that is done, we're working on doing some nice demos with @ofmlabs that will be quite spectacular, at least in theory.

Summary: this is the year that I will evolve from a basement programmer/apprentice mathematician to the fully fledged battle programmer that every interesting problem fears.